Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Pieces of Kalamata

What I enjoy abot Kalamata is my long walks. Here you can walk a lot everywhere and at the same time the feeling of the places is changing just by a one street turn. So here I will post just some photos of my walks. I will let them speak about themselfs. Sometimes when I walk around here, I ask myself what is to live here, what if this was my home city...

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Mid-term seminar

As you know, long-term volunteers have to take part to two seminars organized by the National Agency of the hosting country, during their EVS. 

After exactly 200 days in Greece I took part to my mid-term seminar. Usually, these seminars were organized  in Athens but for the first time the type of accomodation changed. Instead of a 5 stars hotel in the city we were accomodated into a refuge. 

The place is located in the National Park of Mount Parnitha at an altitude of 1161m. A wonderful place to breath fresh air and be close to the nature at only one hour from the center of Athens! 
More information on their website.
View of Athens from the road to Bafi

We were 29 volunteers from differents places (the south parts of Greece): Lefkada, Livadia, Athens, Chios, Korinthos and Kalamata. The north parts of Greece will have their seminar in Thessaloniki in a month.  The seminar lasted 3 all days plus one evening and one morning.

We attended a short meeting just after our arrival, into the seminar room with a fire place! During this time we met our 2 trainors and the mountain guide who explained how the life into a refuge is working (saving water, no waiters, dormitory...). For the first time, the head of the National Agency was there as well. She explained us that the National Agency decided to be closer to the voluntary spirit by organisizing seminars into a refuge instead of 5 stars hotels. After the meeting and before the diner (with only home made food!) we visited the refuge. 

Room where we eat the first evening

the seminar room

I will not describe in details what we did during these 3 days because it is better to experience it than to read about the content of the seminars. However I will briefly describe the main topics. We spoked about our hosting organization, sending organization, mentors, projects. We shared our experiences as EVS, we had team building activities, we thought about our non formal learning, we shared our will about the life after EVS, we were invited to make our EVS book...and so much more! This seminar was an opportunity to step back from the daily routine inside the EVS, to think about the last past months as EVS and to become more aware of all our achievment. It was also an opportunity to meet others volunteers, from others organisations and from others places in Greece ! I really enjoy this time to stop and to think about my EVS adventure. I also appreciate to be able to share my experience and to listen to others'.

The National Agency and the Refuge prepared a surprise for us: we went on a 3 hours hike the second of the seminar. Being in the middle of the forest without noises, cars, pollution but only nature, peace and fascinating information from the mountain guide was a delight! 

Personaly, every morning I went for a walk into the nature, the best way to find my energy back. The last morning I even saw a deer during my hike! It was magical! The last morning, I took the opportunity to enjoy the buble of peace offered by the place and its localisation by eating my breakfast outside.

Before to split and go back to our different cities, we enjoyed one last activites together. Instead of taking the road to go down we took the cable car. We had fun and a beautiful view of Athens!

Then, we took the bus again to reach the meeting point at Metaxourgeio* metro station. There, it was time to say goodbye. For sure not the best part of the seminar... Hopefully we will see each other again around Greece and/or Europe! 

[I didn't know because nobody told me before but I learnt it in the hard way: Metaxourgeio is not the safest area of Athens ! There, watch out for your belongings and keep them with you all the time]

I made the choice to publish only the picture of nature. The first reason is I do not want to publish picture of person without permission, the second is because I felt in love with the nature, the calm, the peaceful atmosphere of the place so I wanted to share it with you.

Monday, April 16, 2018

my first


Kalamata is a little city near to the sea. 
I like her very much and I feel here like home because she`s very similar to Cagliari, my city.

During my first day in Kalamata I was with the other volunteers.
We took a long walk, we stopped in the port and we enojoyed the view.

The weather was very warm and comfortable. We took the sun and we touched the water with feet.

Suddenly, for me and Blaga was natural starting to breathe, to meditate, and to do yoga together.

We listened our bodies and we entered in full connection between us and the energy of the environment. We were very relaxed!

First impressions of Kalamata

The gentle feeling of the refreshing breeze near the seaside. Like the touch of a little baby on your face. So light and yet so powerful. My first encounter with the sea. And then the mountain and its majesty. A tall creature standing proudly near the seaside. All of this is shared in between such a little distance! Kalamata. This city strangely combines contrasts. The bizzy and loud atmosphere of a big tourist city in the center and the relaxed quite villlage-like streets out of the center. I am in the middle of it and i get lost, lost... Sinking into this wide variety of feelings, smells, sounds, people. Where am I? What is this place? And the people? Then a bubble. A house - my new home. New colorful people that are living in this big houses. They are from all around Europe. French, italian, Spanish... My ears are dancing around different languages and catching different nuances of words and voices. And there is a voice in me that asks so many questions. Why am i here? What is to be?
When i was waiting for the bus to Kalamata in Athens, two ladies set down next to me. They greeted me in Greek. I didn't understand it but i was sure that this was a greeting by the way they did it. I was silent, just smiled. Then it was time for my bus so i stood up to go and I just nooded my head to say bye. They did it also in return. Sinchronically. Such funny greek people. Friendly and open they seems. A guy in the shop asks where I come from, a guy on the beach also. They want to know. I also want to know more about this place and its energy. So what is to be....

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Before the birds

Sometimes waking up early is the most precious thing you can do to yourself. 

Kalamata is a very beautiful place full of breathtaking views if you are willing to notice them. One day I simply woke up early and went to "kilometer" - concrete pier separating port and regular beach. I sat down and simply enjoyed clouds and fog enveloping landscape. 

Isn't this view just amazing? And no filter needed! 


Wednesday, February 14, 2018


        Happy Wednesday, dear all! If you've had a dreadful week, know that's it's half over already. If you're having a great week, you've still half of it left! My week  hasn't been sucky, but it 's been  intense due to the new semester in KENTRO NEON KALAMATA.

       However the prospective of being burnt out in the mid week isn't the best option, especially when rich for events weekend is coming closer.

       Current season in Kalamata is rich for rains and sun above the clouds, hence getting outside might be ... wet and humid. Anyway it's lame excuse for depression. Whether you're single, taken or anything in between (whatever floats your boat), there is something for everyone this day.
       There is more to love than loving a significant other - love your friends and those you share living space with. Galician home-made cookies, instant noodles or a simple toast with jam (baked/cooked for the flat mates) will set the right tone to the day. 

Happy V-Day, guys!

Saturday, February 3, 2018


    It’s common knowledge that hectic way of urban life makes us pay less attention to the quality of food we eat. The climax of fast food culture even worsened the situation. Practice shows that only after suffering of dangerous illness or identifying its first signs we revise the ration and change it somehow. 

     Well, I got the way out: make simple substitutes for the sake of your own. French fries for potatoes segments baked in the oven, snack bars for fresh or dry fruits, peppered chicken wings for vegetables stewed with fish.

    Kalamata turned out a paradise for fresh all-year-round veggies, seafood lovers and limited budget volunteers. Freeganism opened my eyes not to the fresh market tables and layouts, but under the tables. A bit bitten fruit or vegetables are doomed to lay on the ground instead of somebody's bellies. Luckily we know they are safe and eatable. Firstly shy and awkward beggers like, now me and some other EVS volunteers are confident hunger gamers. 

So the freegan movement is a magic wand for having fast green (read healthy)  meal. And easy to practice in Kalamata.

    What really matters is a conscious decision of rebuilding yourself. The same set of minimum ingredients processed in various ways may become a deserving alternative to so loving street but junk food. That’s a convincing fact which was successfully approved by me before coming to Greece.
   Pack safely and have a nutritious lunch time. Due to special lunch boxes with several sections it’s possible than ever, really! Bonus for you, reader!

  Check "CHEAP &  HEALTHY RECIPES that will not break your EVS food allowance.

   It was developed solely by the volunteer Mariam Sassi from Tunisia who knows how to juzz up basic ingredients and give birth to culinary masterpieces. Her tips might be handy for preparing budget healthy food.  No more questions of 'What to cook today"!

      The concept of having a quick healthy bite slowly but surely is penetrating into our minds.  Time-, health- and money-saving, it leaves the only question. Do we have a stomach for it or not.